Website creation through a NSRF grant for freelancers and start-ups

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Our company develops your website and your corporate identity using all the tools needed to qualify for your NSRF expense and meet all the criteria a website for a disabled person needs.

The NSRF programs finance the costs of web site development and business branding. A basic requirement for incorporating a website into sponsored expenses is to be handicapped friendly.

The programs that subsidize the promotion of your business online and software services are:

  • Supporting Small and Medium Sized Tourism Enterprises (SMEs) for their modernization and quality upgrading of services
  • Newcomer Entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing Self-Employment of Higher Education Graduates

According to the W3C organization, in order to be considered people-friendly pages they must meet certain criteria, some of which are:

  • Alternate text for non-text page elements (eg photos).
  • Ability to enlarge the font of texts to make them more readable for people with visual impairments.
  • Creating content that can be presented in different ways (eg simpler layout) without losing the information or structure of the website.
  • Access to all functions of the site from the keyboard.
  • Discrete and different colors in the fonts and the background of the page.
  • Provide users with enough time to read content (eg no slider changes).
  • Voice-guided navigation of the user in both menus and page texts.
  • Avoid and correct users' errors when interacting with the site (eg when sending a form).

Contact us to let you know in writing about your new website based on the grant program that suits you.

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