Web hosting

Webpoint is here to cover every digital need either intended for personal websites with a special character or professionals who want to expand their activities through the Internet, which requires the modern era as a very large proportion of business trade is going on only through the Internet.

We can take care for the appropriate hosting for your web site. Referring to the proper term “appropriate” we would like to emphasize on two rather important areas in the "Hosting” in that of data security of the host as well as the speed of data transferring.

From the beginning of our collaboration you have an active role of co-author, which makes us fellow travelers in a wonderful digital world.


Regarding the code, we use mainly Object Oriented Programming language mostly in PHP. In special cases and as extra levels of security server side scripts and mechanisms are used such as secure protocols (https) and client side programs.

web hosting

Data Transfer Rate

The transfer rate involves several factors. Firstly and foremost the capability of the web server to work alongside many web sites and to serve them correctly and without problems is probably the most important.

A very important role plays the link of the server to the outside world, meaning the speed that is connected to the internet. This speed is measured in Mbps and is usually between 100Mbps and 1 Gbps (ten times faster).

At this measurement a really important role has the location of the server, can you imagine the machine with your site on a server in USA and your customers in Europe? Your speed in this case would be quite low, at least in response time. This is because the data has to go through several routers through various countries in order to finally reach you.

Server we use are normally located in Europe and are connected at 100mbps (transfer speed) and 40 ~ 50 ping (response time).

After sales services

For us, our services do not stop only at the construction of the web site.

We are always there for you with professional advice and in order to meet your increasing needs.

Within each site you will have won something more important than your effective presence and activity on the Internet via your website: a true partner who is ready at any moment to deliver the best for your own needs.

Contact us in order to discuss about your needs.


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