Internet Marketing & Social Media

Our long experience and expertise in the Social Media will guarante a perfect plan for your personal or corporate Website.

Webpoint is here to create the best Social Experience for you and your Audience.


web site hosting Facebook is now one of the easiest and modern ways of communication to the public. It has rightly established itself as the leading service of Social Media because of the functions it offers especially in the field of entertainment.

It is not only games that are of interest to the general public though. Digi-web can deliver sustained growth in Social Media through specially designed photography and Videos for wider view and absorption of the stakeholders. Your new central image and the mainstream Status Updates will increase the public's attention and give a Fresh Look at your page.

We are also able to construct Specially designed Plugins for Facebook, such as contests, Welcome page, page «Likes» etc ... These actions will help to convert more visitors into interest  as they have Liked your page, they will both be updated about  your latest news and they will communicate this into their  common cycles.


Twitter nowadays tends to push your brand in front of new customers; it drives web traffic towards your website or blog and leads to new business. No matter your business goals are, Twitter can have a direct positive impact on your Social Media Strategy.

Allow us to setup and manage your Twitter account giving you the option of a regular tweets campaign with a direct linking to other Social Media Services. We guarantee Success!


Creating a corporate YouTube channel is not so simple. It comes as a condition that there is enough material (Video) of good quality to highlight your business and push away your competitors.

Our professional package includes building our channel based your corporate standards. In that way you can stand out through especially designed for you visuals about your home page and through proper setup of Video categories and enrichment of content that will be posted always with the help of other Social Media Services.


As the profile of LinkedIn is nothing but a well laid out CV, many persist in simply filling it up. The key in this case is that the profile has to hold the latest information available from the CV, a personal picture must be introduced in order to achieve a better public image with foreigners; also the addition of an introductory message about yourself along with extra information will also give a better insight to the reader.

The mentioned techniques in combination with the full circle of your acquaintances will launch your professional success sky high!

Our goal is to highlight your page to the fullest extent using all the modern tools and techniques in order to achieve together the full potential of your business.


Contact us in order to inform you in detail about your new website based on the plan that suits you.