Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO, as a service, is a bit difficult to describe. The main goal of optimization is to "raise" the rank of the website in any search engine and thereby to increase the movement of web spiders connecting to your web site.

A website as good as it is, if it cannot be found by internet users is like it’s not there. Since most users use a search engine to find it, the appearance of your site on the first page of results is often necessary.

Why SEO is important for your website?

A website is considered competitive when internet users are able to interact with your site easily. A website without SEO only gives the opportunity to be visited by your customers and all.

search engine optimization

As an SEO we will describe all the techniques applied on a website designed for better content visibility in order to be understood by search engines.

It is important in the way of promoting a website, to use White hat techniques proposed by Google and from which our page is not in danger later on from some penalty that could cause loss of some or even all of our website pages from the results of search engines.

We make sure so that all sites have as a minimum the following characteristics:

  • Meta tags / keywords on each page and Childs.
  • Sitemaps are used on all CMS and for pages that include more than 5-10 pages.
  • Internal links for the services offered.
  • Web links to social networking sites are created on a customer’s choice.
  • Properly structured code is a standar use in order to ensure the proper view of each Web Site in any browser.
  • Optimized Pagespeed with special plugins and techniques (image lazy load / html minification etc.).


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